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We have been working with Billie and Molly for around 4 month now and I can honestly say they are one of the best dog trainers around.
Their dedication and patience towards both the animals and owners are second to none.
We have seen such a massive improvement in our dog Bear since seeing them.
Give them a go you wont be disappointed!



It wasn't that long ago I was a very stressed owner of a very highly strung border collie. After having spent a lot of wasted money on dog training it wasn't until the girls from South Coast Canines came along and finally helped me get a handle on my fur baby. South Coast Canines changes both mine and my dogs life and I cannot express how incredible the experience was.
Thank you so much girls!
You are truly the best!



Molly was incredibly helpful with our rescue dog Obi.  Molly is friendly and informative, and most importantly very passionate about dog behaviour. 
Molly helped us establish control over Obi whilst walking within a couple of sessions and also help Obi through positive reinforcement with his behaviour towards other dogs and his recall which were all things we were wanting to achieve. 
She always made the session fun for both dog and us. 
Even more awesome is that Molly is always available to answer any little questions and provides support to help you with training your dog.



Just need to tell all you puppy Mum's and Dad's that if your fur baby needs any help or training the girls to go to are at South Coast Canines - Billie and Molly, as they are both so amazing. I have been taking my Bull Mastiff to them since he was 7months old, he is nearly 2 and I have a calm well-mannered Mastiff.
They care and have huge hearts and lots of learnt behavioural advice.
Do not hesitate to give them a call or visit.


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