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Ashwood Ranch
Billie's Natural Therapies and Training


Holistic Fitness and Recovery

Hydrotherapy is a type of resistance fitness/conditioning training used for rehabilitation, general health and or injury prevention by using the therapeutic properties of water and the movement of the treadmill belt.

 Hydrotherapy is used for pre- and post-surgery, rehabilitating injuries, managing weight and increasing fitness, conditioning. It works to relieve pain and promote well-being while ​stimulating blood flow, relaxing and easing tight muscles and reducing pain and inflammation. 

Initial 45 minute appointment $110
Subsequent 30 minute appointment $75
10 pack 30 minute appointments $650
5 pack 30 minute appointments $350

Animal Massage Therapy - Traditional Chinese Massage Tui-na is an ancient Chinese form of medical massage that can have a profoundly healing effect on a range of conditions.
​Tui-na is a safe and effective manual therapy, with no known side effects, used for circulation, neurology, energy, and flexibility, that assists ​disease treatment and prevention in people and pets.

PRICE 15minute session $30

Image by Anthony Fomin

Training and Temperament Therapy

Private Sessions - My dog training philosophy is to communicate with dogs in their most natural way, through body language and environment pressures. Finding out what their motivations and values are to reward them when they are offering appropriate behaviours. I believe in being patient with them when learning new things and making learning fun and valuable.

PRICE 1 Session $140 - 5 Sessions $600

Exercise Great for dogs who are recovering and are unable to have free roaming exercise, or dogs who need more body awareness, mental stimulation and or conditioning and definition. This will include a combination of exercises and stretches tailored to your dog to improve muscle mass, strength, ​coordination, balance and general overall fitness and wellbeing.

Subsequent 30 minute appointment $45

Dog in Nature
Man with Dog_edited_edited.jpg

Farm Boarding

Does your dog need a holiday while your on holiday? We provide boarding at the farm for all dogs with all needs and requirements. We thoroughly enjoy having your dogs stay and letting them enjoy the fresh air, bush walks and paddocks to run freely in.

More information in the boarding tab.

** Coming Soon Working Dog Mustering **

Do you have a ‘city’ working dog or just interested in if your dog has the skills to muster sheep? We will soon be offering sheep mustering basic training sessions! No skills required and just for fun.

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