Personalised Training


Unsure of what training to book your dog in?

Prefer to meet and greet with the trainers to disscuss yours and your dogs needs?

This is the perfect 30min session to get to know the trainers and discuss future training programs best suited to you and your pet.

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The Reset Program is the perfect way to kickstart your training journey. If you want to get on top of your dog’s embarrassing behaviours, this is the place to start.

This course addresses a range of behavioural concerns, including reactivity and aggression.

Our trainers create a personalised training plan to address the specific needs of you and your dog. 

*For Dogs 6months and older

This Program Includes:

X4 1hr Private Sessions

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The Bootcamp Program is a holistic program that addresses all aspects of the dog's mind and body from behaviour, training and diet. The program targets a wide variety of behavioural concerns and is suitable for all dogs.

The Bootcamp Program gives you the tools and training to develop your relationship with your dog and have the confidence to handle your companion. 

*For Dogs 6months and older

This Course Includes:

X8 1hr Private Sessions



This program provides foundational training for your puppy to ensure success through puppyhood and later into adulthood.

The first year of development is crucial for your puppy; we want to teach and reward positive behaviours and prevent unwanted/negative behaviours from starting.

Gromz Starter makes learning fun through play, games, luring, free shaping, and more. We have developed this course to give both handler and puppy the skills to thrive from the start. 

*For pups 6months and under

This Course Includes:

X4 45min Private Sessions



In the Sunrise to Sunset, your dog receives training for an entire workday. During the day, your canine is paired with a trainer who will focus on the most important skills to you.

We offer a training session at the end of the day to ensure you learn the skills we have taught your dog to end the training day.

This program is tailored for each dog.

Flexible pick up and drop off times.

Skills Learned: 

  • Leash skills

  • Basic obedience

  • Manners and neutrality towards humans and other dogs

  • Crate training

This program is tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog.

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


Having a dog that can disengage from high-value distractions and look to you for guidance is critical for developing your relationship with your canine.

These classes aim to give you the confidence to take your dog out into the world. Give your dog freedom and confidence by inspiring them through your leadership.

*For Dogs 6months and older

1Hr Weekly Classes



Pro Group Classes are for dogs that have previously trained with us and need to practice how to be neutral and calm around other dogs and people. Social ignorance is a crucial skill to teach your dog as it makes your life easy when you take them out and about in public.

As the program progresses, your dog is exposed to higher distractions.

1hr Weekly Classes

Happy Dog


Research shows that pets positively impact the health of senior citizens. Pets decrease the risk of heart disease, improve mood, keep you moving, and reduce doctor visits. Learn how to handle your dogs with confidence and enjoy the benefits of dog ownership. 

This Training Includes:

X3 45min Private Sessions

*Terms and Conditions: 65 and over 

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