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Molly and Billie, have worked together over the last few years and have joined their experiences together to create a great community for all pet owners that want more for their animals. 

They have worked with many canines through vast behavioural challenges, sporting ambitions and overall wellbeing while providing owners and dogs with ongoing care and support.

Molly focuses on providing you with tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion, through private, group and boarding lessons, tailored to fit your needs to help you achieve your goals. Molly is also trained in IGP, competition obedience and Scent detection sports allowing her to offer support to those wanting to endeavour in learning more with their own dog either through workshops or private sessions.


Billies holistic approach helps to creates pets that are well balanced both mentally and physically through canine fitness, rehabilitation and natural health. Billie has worked rehabilitating many animals over the years providing treatment therapies such as Hydrotherapy, Massage, Exercises and nutrition. 


Molly - 0460 659 178

Billie - 0432 235 223

155 Ashwood Road, Wilton, NSW

Peeping Dog
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